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Release: The Common Good

As our struggle to achieve our legal rights enters its 8th decade we are pleased to report that thanks to an enormous amount of work done by the Council of Elders, Hands Up for Democracy group, Duncan at his Tent Embassy, NIPD, our friends in the British Parliament, and countless others both on Island and from all around the world, we have never been as close to achieving our goal as we are today.

Final comments from both Australia and Norfolk Island (through complainant Albert Buffett) were lodged with the UNHRC on 2 January, 2020 and a decision is now expected in the coming months.

There is no excuse for continuing to deny us our rights. The majority of us accept Australia has interests in Norfolk Island - for regional security, defence, KAVHA, and respectful access to our E.E.Z.

Norfolk Island News - January 1979 Edition

These matters are also important to us, as they represent just a few of the many reasons we have publicly expressed our support for a free-association governance model.

Australia, you have the power to end this insanity now by making 2020 the year for working together for the common good of all in a spirit of partnership, cooperation, shared values, respect for human rights and respect for the principles of the United Nations – please use it.


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