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The Union Jack flying above the Norfolk

Norf'k Ailen Salan
f' Demohkrasi



The Norfolk Island People for Democracy Inc. (NIPD), was established in 2015 as an Association representative of the Norfolk Island People. Our purpose lies in campaigning for the rights of Norfolk Islanders, following the Australian Government’s forced removal of Self-Government on Norfolk Island. This involved abolishing its democratically-elected Parliament without community consultation, culminating in the removal of all pretence of self-determination, the Island’s loss of democracy, as well as any recognition of the Pitcairn Descendants’ claim to Norfolk Island.


Today, the NIPD has over 1,000 supporters in a community of 1,800, working to restore Norfolk Islanders’ right to self-determination. Equally, our goal is to restore the rightful heritage of Islanders as a protected status, and to have Norfolk Island inscribed onto the United Nations List of Non-Self-Governing Territories under Article 73e of the United Nations Charter. Since the NIPD’s inception, the Association has been busy lobbying the Australian Government for the restoration of the Island’s democratic rights.


The Association works to provide a consultative framework to inform and educate the Norfolk Island People by providing them an opportunity to participate in the process of freely determining their own social, political, economic and cultural future.


The NIPD actively encourages Island-wide engagement in the process of re-building Norfolk Island’s governance and sustainability as a Self-Governing Territory in free association with Australia.

See NIPD Governing Rules - here


On 8 May 2015, the Norfolk Island People voted overwhelmingly in support of their “right to freely determine their political status, their economic, social and cultural development”. Australia chose to ignore the outcome of the legally constituted referendum and to disregard the rights of the Norfolk Island People.

This is a summary of our situation today:

  • Self-government has been removed

  • Norfolk Island is now a Non Self-Governing Territory

  • Norfolk Island may now be inscribed on the United Nations List of Non Self Governing Territories

  • Upon Inscription, there are protective rights accorded to the Norfolk Island People by the United Nations to allow them to freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.

On 18 May 2015 a small group of Norfolk Island people came together to set in motion an action plan to ensure our rights are restored and protected thereafter. The group has adopted the title of Norfolk Island People for Democracy (NIPD). 

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