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Notice: Change of status for NIPD

The Norfolk Island People for Democracy Ltd. (the Company) have recently taken steps to convert to the Norfolk Island People for Democracy Inc. (the Association). At a Special General Meeting of the company held on the 19th of October, 2020 the directors of the company resolved to:

  • Publish in the Gazette within 21 days, our intention to have the company “struck off” the Company Register,

  • To hold an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) of the new Association within 90 days,

  • Accept the resignation of the Directors of the company, and that the Elected Officers of NIPD Ltd will act, in the interim period, as the Officer Bearers of NIPD the Association,

  • Appoint an interim Chairperson for the Association,

  • Table the Certificate of Incorporation,

  • Confirm the conversion of all existing Registered supporters of the company to the newly incorporated Association,

  • Adopt new Model Rules for the Association, and appoint an Auditor.

The reason for converting from a Company to an Association is consistent with our commitment at ensuring the most efficient and cost-effective outcome for our members and all of the people who continue to support our organisation.

It is foreshadowed that the above-mentioned EGM for the Association will be held sometime in January 2021 (to be advised), where the new committee will elect the office bearers for the newly formed Association. We formally invite any person that is passionate about returning democracy to Norfolk Island and who agrees to abide by the new model rules of the Association (see Governing Rules here) to join our committee by writing to the secretary of the Association at prior to the 18th of December, 2020.

Management Committee -

Norfolk Island People for Democracy Inc.


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